The 2nd International Workshop on Cognitive Computing in Medicine, COCOMED 2018, will be hosted within the program of the 1st International Conference on Applications of Intelligent Systems, APPIS 2018, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Cognitive Computing groups together technologies based on the disciplines of artificial intelligence and signal processing (machine learning, reasoning, vision, human-machine interaction, natural language processing, etc.). Its application to medical diagnostics is of great importance to build computer systems, which encode knowledge and expertise of medical doctors, for support to medical diagnostics.
Computer systems for support to medical diagnostics have recently gained the interest of medical and computer science research communities. The aim of these systems is to provide automation to certain steps of the medical diagnostic process, so as to support the work of medical doctors and allow mass screening of population.

The topics of discussion, for which COCOMED 2018 accepts submission of papers, are:

3D Vision and 3D reconstruction
Active aging and elderly people assistance
Big-data analysis in medical applications
Bioinformatics and computational biology
Biomedical signal processing
Biomedical imaging and image processing
Brain-inspired algorithms
Clinical and biological applications
Cognitive computing for support to medical diagnostic
Computational anatomy
Computational physiology
Computer-aided diagnostic systems
Computer-aided modeling and evaluation of surgical procedures
e-Health and e-Patient
Healthcare information systems
Imaging and analysis methods for image guided therapies
Imaging genetics
Machine learning for medical data
Medical robots and surgical robots
Non-visual medical data analysis
Novel surgical devices and sensors
Pattern recognition
Time-series analysis for medical diagnostic

The papers of COCOMED will be published together with the proceedings of APPIS 2018.