Flight to Gran Canaria

You can fly to the airport of the island of Gran Canaria (airport website).

Here some further information about how to travel to Gran Canaria.

Travel from the airport

When you arrive on the airport of Las Palmas, you can go to the conference venue (Museo Elder in El Parque Santa Catalina) or your nearby hotel by:

– Bus: follow the boards ‘Bus (Global)’, some 5 minute walk inside the airport; take a bus to Las Palmas – Sta Catalina, e.g. http://www.globalsu.net/lineas/linea91.pdf, ticket 3 Euro, put your computer and valuables in a bag to take inside the bus as you will be requested to put suitcases and trolleys in the baggage compartment.
– Taxi (around 35 Euro)
– Rental car (finding a free parking slot near Parque Sta Catalina (within 1 km) may be very difficult and you may need to use a paid parking for about 18 Euros per 24 hours)

Public Guaguas bus service

You can find more information and timetables on Guaguas website (spanish).

Global Salcai-Utinsa S.A. bus service

You can find more information and timetables on Global Salcai-Utinsa (english).

Weather and temperature in Las Palmas

The temperature in Las Palmas in January is 20-25 degrees in the afternoon and 15-20 degrees in the night.
When the sun shines (which is most of the time) the perceived temperature during the day is 3-4 degrees higher. The water temperature is about 22 degrees.